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Spring League

Spring League begins April 24! There are two ways to participate in league shooting, which runs for 8 weeks.
  • 3-person team

    • Week 1, shoot from 16/27

    • Week 2, shoot from 16/26
      ...and so on...

    • Ending on Week 8, shooting from 16/20

  • Doubles team

    • New for this year! Shooters will be randomly paired with another shooter, and both scores will be tallied as a ‘team’ score. Shooters will be designated either as a ‘pro’ or an ‘amateur’ during sign-up, and one will be selected from each category during the pairing

The details
  • Sign-ups begin Apr 3 at 5:00 pm

  • League runs from Apr 24 - Jun 16

  • Fees: $180 for members, $220 for non-members (this includes $40 membership dues)

  • Entire team fee must be paid in order to secure your spot
  • Shooting is done on Sundays or Wednesdays, can shoot ahead or behind

  • Prizes must be picked up by July 3

Club and safety reminders
  • Keep actions open when moving between stations and when walking anywhere else on the property

  • Load only one shell at a time (two for doubles)

  • Eye and ear protection are required on the trap field

  • Do not pick up empty hulls on the trap field

  • Lead shot only; steel shot is not permitted

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